How to Advertise Your Online CBD Business on Facebook and Instagram

CBD products have become the norm these days as cannabidiol (CBD) are a constituent of most everyday products. These products have grown to include hair shampoos, chocolate, hair moisturizers, body oils, caffeinated substances, and even pet foods. The booming CBD industry has a future financial projection of close to $20 billion by 2024, and it’s pretty obvious why a lot of people want to get involved in the CBD business.

If you are considering opening your own CBD business, here are some things to keep in mind when you are advertising your products.

Stand out from the crowd

Creating awareness for your CBD business should be done through the most popular way of marketing in this modern, technology-driven world. About 60% of the marketing campaigns of CBD businesses today are carried out over the internet, and much of them take place on the most popular social media websites.

Despite this, many people involved in selling CBD online have expressed the challenges they face with advertising CBD on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some tips to help you stand out from the rest of the competition when advertising on these platforms.


Many owners of online CBD businesses have tried advertising their products on Facebook without success. Facebook, which hosts over 1.5 billion active users every day, is against advertising CBD products on its platform because they view them as contraband. Merely mentioning that your product contains CBD will get your profile page and ads instantly deleted from the platform, as it is viewed as flouting their terms and conditions.

Though in recent times the restriction on CBD advertising is somewhat relaxed, you are still likely to run into problems if you openly mention that your products include CBD. Even with the sanctions against CBD ads on Facebook, there are still some ways you can maneuver around them:

  • Do not mention CBD in any part of your adverts
  • Do not use CBD as a domain name
  • Don’t use keywords associated with CBD
  • Make use of the general term “hemp oil” to reach out to CBD consumers on the platform


This social media platform is owned by Facebook, so the same restrictions on CBD ads apply. Opening an Instagram account where you advertise your CBD products will only lead to outright shutting down or banning your account.

As with Facebook, it is going contrary to their terms and conditions regarding the use of their platform. Regardless, they are some steps you can take to successfully advertise your CBD brand on Instagram:

  • Make use of Instagram marketing tools such as hashtags and location tags to create awareness of your CBD brand
  • Utilize the local trending hashtags in your area to advertise your own CBD hashtags
  • Be very active on Instagram by showing appreciation for followers who spread your hashtags


With the gradually changing legal status of CBD products, it is expected that Facebook and Instagram will relax the restrictions they currently place on advertising CBD products on their platforms. In the meantime, using these tips can help you to gain a dedicated audience despite the restrictions.

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