Three Reasons Why You Should Open a Company in Malta 

Many entrepreneurs and investors look for ideal destinations as the opportunity to grow their business. Malta tends to be one of the European Union destinations that attract individuals from all across the world, mainly because of its growth in economic and political areas.

You might have a question in mind that why setting up a company in Malta only while many European destinations have similar options for businesses? Several reasons can motivate foreign investors to set up a company on the island. These include taxation and the costs of forming and maintaining a company on this island. Some people think that opening a business setup in Malta is difficult, which is not the case.


Malta has a full-imputation tax system for corporate sectors. It means whatever you pay through your Maltese company as a shareholder credits to your account so that you can get dividends from the company. These hefty repayments signify that you can enjoy a corporate tax reduction at the rate of 35 percent. This feature makes opening a company and running a business in Malta significantly profitable.

Low Costs

Forming and maintaining a company in Malta doesn’t have high costs to pay. It involves affordable minimum share capital, which you will pay as a registration fee. Company formation also has low annual payments so that interested people find no difficulty to stay determined with their decisions.

Duty Exemption

Once you have opened a company in Malta, you wouldn’t need to pay any duty on the documents required for conducting international activities. It means you can increase your share capital while enjoying exemption on duty.

The good news is that you can open a company in Malta with professional assistance without having facing any difficulty. The country has a supportive environment and many other benefits, drawing new and experienced entrepreneurs and investors across the globe.

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