What Makes A Good Recruiter?

What makes a great recruiter? Good recruiters do more than just fulfill their duties. They ensure that their company attracts and retains top talent. However, recruiters do not necessarily need to be from HR backgrounds.

Good recruiting skills can be developed by having experience in sales, design, and marketing as well as coding. Although they come from diverse backgrounds, there are some common traits that all recruiters who are qualified should have.

How To Become A Successful Recruiter?

Create Relationships

Statistics show that recruiters have to reject more applicants than they hire. The best ones are graceful and turn rejections into friendships. It should be an automatic procedure to send a rejection letter after an interview.

However, personalizing emails and building relationships make good recruiters stand apart, even when they reject candidates.

Think Ahead

Sydney recruiters who can add value to their organization don’t wait for job openings to begin looking for candidates. They have already started to build a pipeline and keep in touch with past applicants. They can engage passive candidates and build a strong network.

Work Well With Hiring Managers

Sometimes, recruiters have to deal with conflicting interests between hiring managers. These are the essential skills of a successful recruiter.

Good recruiters try to understand the thinking of each manager. Some hiring managers may want to select the best candidates. Recruiters should conduct thorough screening interviews and ensure that there are no deal-breakers.

Keep Your Mind Open

Effective recruiters don’t judge books by their covers or candidates by their resumes. A marketing manager can write a strong resume, while a salesperson can present their skills most compellingly. However, does that necessarily mean they are good at what they do? A poorly formatted resume should not be rejected by a recruiter. Recruiters need to read between the lines to see if candidates have the skills required for their job.


To understand and connect better with people, you need to be able to place yourself in their shoes. This means that you have to put yourself in the shoes of everyone. To understand the requirements of hiring managers, good recruiters must dig deep into their needs. Hiring managers would rather have five spot-on resumes than 50 that do not meet their requirements.

However, recruiters must also consider the candidate’s perspective. To attract top talent, recruiters must understand the needs of candidates and what employers can offer them.

Play Multiple Parts

Although you can find many job descriptions for recruiters, or ask any experienced recruiter to explain a typical day at work in detail, nothing captures the essence of what a recruiter does 100%. This is because recruiters work with many people every day with different needs.


A bad experience is not something that a good recruiter will tolerate. Learning lessons can be learned from mistakes. They learn from their mistakes and try to improve the next time they fail to achieve the desired results.


A recruiter is their company’s ambassador. They are often the first people candidates meet and usually, they are responsible for creating (or breaking down) a positive candidate experience.

Your company culture is affected by how you treat your applicants. Candidates will think your company is disorganized if you keep canceling interviews at the last minute. Your company may not respect its employees if you are rude or fail to respond promptly.

Brilliant At The Basic

A successful recruiter must have mastered the basics. They could be asked illegal questions if they aren’t familiar with labor legislation. They could also be a complete saboteur of their company’s recruitment efforts if they send candidates the wrong information.

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