How Client Document Portal Software Can Help Your Business

Many people may have heard the terms document portal or client portal thrown around over the past few years but may not know what they actually do. However, these two terms can be used interchangeably and mean the same thing. A document portal essentially provides selective access to files for people that you work with.

At a minimum, a standard portal should include the likes of a content management system as well as document management and a way to search through these documents. However, they can also include the likes of calendars, work-specific news, and a few other more personalized items. In this day and age, they can consist of almost anything, but these are the basic features that you can expect from a client portal. Get your secure document portal today to have peace of mind in your document delivery system.

It Proactively Solves Problems

How many times have you misplaced or just plain lost paperwork that you ended up needing? It can end up taking a lot of time to find them again, if at all, and it can end up being somewhat embarrassing or unprofessional looking. However, a client portal can save you the hassle of this by ensuring that all essential documents are kept in an easy to manage place.

It Fosters Better User Experiences

A lot of companies can get bogged down in paperwork, especially if they’ve got a lot of communication with external parties that send the likes of invoices and other important documents. This can end up causing quite a backlog as employees try to keep track of all this paperwork. However, a document portal can streamline this process extensively provided the necessary external parties are involved with it. Because of that, there’ll be fewer documents that go missing or unattended by accident.

It Frees Up Time

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time on paperwork, so anything that helps to manage this workload can be a massive bonus. This is especially true with the likes of HR managers. One study showed that HR professional spend up to 70% of their time going through paperwork that can often be tedious and mind-numbing; this can include the likes of employee requests and other administrative tasks.

However, a document portal can help to offload a lot of this work to the employees themselves or anything or applicable person. While this may increase their workload, this should only be a minimal amount; however, it can have a massive effect on HR managers workload, and they can spend this time working on a variety of other HR projects that can help the business. This isn’t limited to HR, however, as it can be applied to many other positions in your business, both internally and externally.

With all of that in mind, what’s stopping you from utilizing a document portal that’s secure, frees up your time and saves you a lot of hassle? Keep it simple and affordable while also making sure that it does exactly what you need it to do.


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