How Bottle Glorifiers Can Enhance Your Bar Interiors in an Unmatchable Way

The bar and restaurant industry has always been a competitive business and it is often a challenge for bar owners to stand out from all their loud and flashy competitors. It is because of this fierce competition that bar managers should think of better ways to enhance the bar experience for their patrons, and one of the best ways to do so is some smart decor upgrades. Bar accessories are perfect tools for upping the look of a bar space. From wine glasses to beer pints, shooters, and even wine corks, there are plenty of creative ways to use these everyday bar items to beautify your surroundings and improve the overall bar atmosphere. Often used by bottled goods manufacturers, bottle glorifiers are also great items to improve your bar’s vibe and at the same time, promote your bar’s brand. These wine bottle stands have long been used to market all kinds of bottled goods, serving as excellent display options, which not only keep bottles upright and secured in place, but also help reinforce branding through raised or etched logos on the bottle glorifier’s base. Bottle glorifiers are unique display tools that are designed to fit different types of bottles. They usually come with a cut out base or area, which holds the bottle in position. Bottle glorifiers can be made out of a wide variety of different materials, including acrylic, plastic, polyresin, wood, and sometimes even glass. They are typically used to enhance branding by including the product’s or product manufacturer’s name or logo on the holder.
To add even more interest to your bar decor with bottle glorifiers, you may also opt to use new lighting technologies such as electroluminescent illumination and LED to enhance the appearance of these bottle holder displays. Bottle glorifiers display illuminated using fluorescent lighting elements or LED add great decorative value to a functional bar accessory. This can instantly add to your bar’s interior aesthetic, especially when using different colored lighting options are used for each of your branded bottle glorifiers. Different lighting elements can be powered using AC current or with battery packs, although the latter usually have a short lifespan, unless rechargeable batteries are used. Lighted or not, bottle glorifiers make excellent decorative, functional, elements that can help enhance your bar’s look, all while reinforcing your bar’s branding. If you are looking for a way to stand out from your loud and flashy neighbour, smart solutions like these might just work to help you stick out.

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