Gujarat Businessman Talks on -how to Win Money Playing Rummy Online

Dhruval Amin is an entrepreneur by profession. He is always busy with his business yet sets the time to pursue his passion – which is playing rummy online. Dhruval’s love for playing rummy online has won him rich rewards at He discovered accidentally when he was surfing online and has been hooked on to our site ever since. To this day, he has been one of the most consistently successful players at Being an avid fan of the game, he never misses any tournaments that we host or the offers/promotions we put up at He feels that the there is no substitute to the joy of winning a tournament. We caught up with him for a brief chat about his online rummy journey so far. Here are the excerpts of our conversation: 1) Congratulation Mr. Dhruval, you’ve been one of the successful players at How does it feel to be on top? It’s awesome. It feels great to win so many games and tournaments and be labeled as one of the most successful player. 2) Tell something about yourself? I’m an entrepreneur. I am doing Medical Instrument business in Gujarat. 3) Are you an accidental rummy player or rummy has been your passion for a long time? I was always passionate about playing rummy online. Found this site accidentally when I was surfing the web. I initially started off with playing freeroll tournaments and then gradually proceeded to play cash games and cash tournaments. I would call myself a part-timer as I only play the game during my free time. 4) What is your favourite rummy tournament? GoldQuest has got be my favourite tournament. Winning gold coin for free is simply awesome. 5) Could you tell us why you like playing here at I play with 2 other rummy sites. With Deccan rummy, I find it is faster and has better features when compared to them. The one thing I like most about DeccanRummy is the fast cash withdrawal process that you guys have. Every player would like to withdraw his/her winning amount quickly. Deccan Rummy is doing a fine job when it comes to withdrawals. Also, I find playing tournaments here to be fun & exciting. 6) What is one thing that you feel separates us from other rummy sites? I like that 200% Bonus offer which I haven’t seen anywhere else and also goldQuest tourney that is conducted every day. 7) How do you prepare yourself for big tournaments and cash games and loyalty races? I honed my rummy skills by playing free tourneys. This was very helpful in preparing me for the big tourneys. Since I was passionate about the game for a long time, rummy strategies are something I am very comfortable with. 8) Could you tell us approximately how much you’ve earned so far through DeccanRummy? I am feeling great and satisfied. Though I hold account with other rummy sites, I am spending more time here at these days. Also I didn’t rush right from the beginning, after winning freerolls tournaments I deposit in cash tourneys and then ventured into other verticals. These days I deposit anywhere between Rs. 200-Rs. 2000 per day and play cash games. I haven’t kept track of my winnings so far but I guess it must be quite a lot more than what I have deposited. 9).Besides rummy skill that is obvious, what other qualities do you think is paramount to be a successful rummy player? To be successful you need to have more 1. a) Passion b) Patience C) Play with an open heart d) Take losses with a positive attitude. 10) Did you taste victory right from the beginning? How you take losses? It’s been a mixed ride. I usually win but I have also suffered some losses. But I never allowed the losses to get the better of me. My secret of success has been taking those losses with a positive attitude. It is only a matter of time before you start to win. I have also won double profits on certain occasions. I have deposited Rs.500 and won Rs. 1000 11) What kind of tourneys and games you play these days? I play all kinds of tourneys and games – be it free or cash during my free time. Gold coin tourney is one tourney that I never miss. I also make sure to avail all your promotions and bonus offers. 12). Any grounds you see where we could improve further? I like playing rummy online here more than the other sites. Everything about the site is perfect. I am completely satisfied with 13).Thanks for your time Mr. Dhruval. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you Yeah, thank you very much. Join Are you a card game enthusiast? Does rummy game fascinate you? Do you know you can win loads of cash playing rummy? Deccan Rummy is the perfect destination for you if you have any of the above queries. Deccan Rummy is a completely legal online rummy site offering the best in rummy online that India can offer. The games offered on Deccan Rummy to play with Real cash are Points Rummy, Deal Rummy, and Pool Rummy and these are games that require a lot of skills that you can acquire easily. We provide a perfect platform for you to try out any of these games and of course, there are huge stakes riding on these games that you can win without spending a dime. Join us and get busy playing rummy online.

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