The Concept Of Single Sign-on Solution

The increasing number of web properties and applications that we need to access on daily, leads to the rise of passwords and also fatigue to maintain them. We can’t actually eliminate security passwords but there is a solution if the websites you access belong to a single provider or business. But luckily, there is a way around
I am going to focus on SSO in this posting.From recent years, the solution is offering as one of the best ways for authenticating to various web properties of the same business. The solution makes very long and challenging login practice simple and easy quick. With merely one click of the mouse, customers can authenticate themselves to multiple websites of the identical business. The single sign-on technology is a solution which helps users to access numerous resources and web apps that fall under the same roof utilizing one login credentials. They only need to authenticate for one of the resources and will gain access to others without the need of authenticating repeatedly. For example, if there are two different web properties (A as well as B) of an organization and to perform a certain activity, end users need to type in credentials on each of them. Without a doubt, sign into each of them separately costs their time. But if the same resources are loaded with SSO solution, by simply sign in to resource A, users will easily be logged in resource B as well.Great, isn’t it? An additional example of SSO is Google products. If you are logged into any of the Google’s products such as Gmail, you don’t need to provide your login credentials once again for login to YouTube, GDrive, or any of the Google product.

Different SSO Standards: I am hoping you have realized the essential thought of SSO method. It’s time to learn about different performing protocols associated with the solution. SAML (security assertion markup language) is one of the most used SSO protocol. This is based upon on XML, that would make the solution secure as well as invulnerable to online hackers. Some other protocols usually are OpenID connect, Facebook connect, Microsoft account and many others. The standard function and rule of all of the protocols are similar.

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