Arnon Dror Kodak: The Person With Expertise in Business Finance

Accounting is the way to keep score of a company’s activities, but finance brings a business to life. Finance passes through each part of a firm’s operations. Although finance is related to accounting closely but it is in reality focuses on the strategies, management and analysis of money. Business and individuals rely a lot on financial advisors and analysts to make decisions on how to grow income and lessen losses.

Arnon Dror Kodak talks about the importance of finance department in the company

Cash is considered as the means of support of any business. Whether it is a startup company or it has been in operation for years, cash is required to meet every day operating expenses. With sound financing in place, employees cannot be hired, equipment and inventory cannot be purchased, and rent, utilities, insurance and taxes would not get paid.

Arnon Dror kodak has held several positions such as the VP of Finance within companies and is considered as the most successful businessman in the world of finance. At present, Arnon is working as VP Finance and Operations at Kornit Digital North America. He has wide-ranging knowledge managing international business and a record of brilliance in restructuring, integrating, and managing businesses to exceed all revenue and performance targets.

Arnon Dror name is the former VP of Finance at US Channel Group’s Xerox Technology Business and he has an exceptional track record in restructuring, integrating, and managing the business to exceed all revenue and performance targets. He has graduated from The Hebrew University with a BA in Economics and Business Administration in the year 1991. Right after completing his Bachelors, Arnon Dror pursued his MA in Micro Economics and earned his MBA in Finance at The Hebrew University. Before working with Xerox, Arnon has held numerous high-authority positions that highlighted his proficiency in Management, Finance, and Economics. Arnon Dror kodak is therefore a dependable advisor to company leadership, with a strong background in:

  • Systems & Technology
  • Finance & Strategy Planning
  • Financial and Business Modeling
  • Change Management – Turn Arounds
  • International FP&A and Tax
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Internal Controls
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Turn Arounds & Mergers
  • ERP Integration
  • Complex Deal Structuring
  • Negotiations

Arnon Dror name believes that an entrepreneur’s dream or idea cannot be fulfilled without some kind of cash into the business. For a start-up company, it typically starts with some investment from the stakeholders and can also comprise family members’ or friends’ money. As the business grows, ownership will require turning to a third party for extra financing. This can take the form of equity or debt financing. Each option has its own merits and demerits that must be considered while evaluating the cash needs of the business for their long and short term goals.

In conclusion, business owners should review the merits and demerits of each source of financing when considering the long and short -term strategy for the company’s growth. This is because it can be that a combination of each can best fit the financing requirements of the business.

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