Can An Un-Healthy Work Environment Be Your Downfall?


When you are working on your cell phone, desktop, or laptop, it is imperative to have a work environment that you can take seriously and optimize your productivity to the max. With the increase in work at home options, creating a work environment that allows you to stay focused is a must. Here are a few ways that you will be able to create the best work environment types & their effect on your wellbeing. As a scholar, a business owner, or co-worker, you will be able to gain from tidying up both office and clearing up headspace.

Remove All Background Noise In Your Station

This is essential to make sure you can focus on a productive atmosphere. In quiet surroundings, we are able to find ourselves concentrating on completing tasks at an efficient pace. It doesn’t have to be in your local Starbucks or a library surrounded by books. However, finding a quiet place of your own can increase work ethics significantly.

Try to monitor the amount of activity that is around you. And decide if it is beneficial for your work. If you are in a crowded space and it is hard to remain focused, then a quiet library would be your best option. Nevertheless, some individual would prefer a bustling café. This will give them the feeling of being active while working versus a slow-paced library. Choose your workspace carefully.

Try To Personalize Your Work Space

You should not feel trapped in your work environment. If you feel disconnected from the world or alienated, then it is time to change your setting. Does your desk reflect who you are? Do you have common items nearby that can enhance your connection to your work? If you feel alienated, then merely bring a picture to work that reminds you of home or change your screensaver to a family member.

Remove All Of That Clutter

How much stuff do you need at work? Save yourself from a stressful work environment and only include the tools you need to be efficient. By eliminating a messy desk, you will create a specific ritual of organization. This needs to be kept throughout your day to stay productive.

How Clean Is Your Desk?

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? According to a study by Which, your keyboard can hold as much bacteria as a toilet seat. Don’t fall victim to the next cold or virus. By merely cleaning your keyboard regularly, you can maintain your health and stay focused while working. Try adding a regular clean-up routine in your calendar. Once a week, take a few minutes to tidy up. Wipe your keyboard down, clean out your garbage can, and make sure to wipe down your desk.

Illuminate Yourself In Fresh Air And Plants

What is a smell that makes you smile? Is there a particular plant that gives you a special childhood memory? If so, then add it to your workspace. Academic studies show that there is a correlation between unique objects or scents and memories. To instantly increase your mood, find a scent that will give you a positive emotional response. Purchase a cheap bouquet or an air freshener to lighten up the atmosphere or open up a nearby window. By changing up your work environment, you can increase your work ethics substantially. Take a moment, look around, and decide on how you can improve your job atmosphere.


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