Things to Know About Single Sign-on Solution

Online resources are increasing alarmingly and so the need of creating accounts. We have lots of online accounts and other important private resources that we need to protect from the phishing attacks. One of the best ways of protecting the online resources is using passwords. Passwords are the barrier that protects user’s account from the attacks. Every website and application require a different combination of passwords, some want the combination of a password starting with a capital letter and must have a number in it, some demands a password with characters more than 6 letters and so on. Ultimately, the users have to follow such demands and create lots of credentials.
This directly affects their experience, since they have to remember lots of passwords and practically it is not possible to remember all the passwords. There are several businesses that have more than one website and several applications associated with them. To save users from the situation, businesses are implementing a method named single sign-on solution (SSO). The solution makes users to login all the websites of a business with a single password. In this article, I am going to mention 3 important things and factors why SSO solution is becoming a new choice of businesses these days. Reduce the cost of IT resources As you know password fatigue is a serious issue and businesses have to invest thousands of dollars in fulfilling the needs of IT resources and team. End users hate to remember passwords. One immediate drawback of this is an increase in support help calls for resetting passwords and account unlocks. Scalable for evolving business Most businesses are not stable. They grow and evolve as the time passes. Sometimes the customers’ count grows double or triple too. Unfortunately, not all the solutions are built with scalability in the mind. Thankfully, the SSO solution is scalable in nature.

Simplifies authentication This is the main reason of why the solution is gaining popularity among businesses with multiple websites. The solution simplifies the authentication process by reducing the numbers of login require in order to access services of the same businesses. These are some important points that you need to know about the SSO solution. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment box.

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